Originally based out of Spokane, WA, Kristen discovered her love of music as a young girl through children’s choir and musical theater. Inspired by the acoustic folk artist, Jewel, she taught herself guitar as a teenager and soon got a summer job serenading  at a lake resort.  In high school she won a radio songwriting contest and met Jewel in person, cementing her decision to pursue music.  It took sevveral years before she felt she had something worth sharing with the world.

In May, 2012 she released her first collection of work, Out of my Hands.  The seven track EP reveals the expressive and often philosophical side of a musicians mind.   Crossing genres of folk, pop and R&B, the record is slightly experimental. Since her CD release she has begun work on a home studio and hopes to hone her creative style further in the process.  

She is currently preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign for her first full-length album set to release November 2014. 

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