I discovered my love of music as a young girl through children’s choir and musical theater. Inspired by the acoustic folk artist, Jewel, I taught myself guitar as a teenager and got a summer job serenading at a lake resort. In high school I won a radio songwriting contest and met Jewel in person, and that cemented my decision to pursue music. It took several years before I felt I had something worth sharing with the world.

I recently released my first full-length album-Drop the Pieces- in January 2015.The album reveals the expressive and often philosophical side of a musicians mind. Crossing genres of folk, pop and R&B, the record is slightly experimental. Drop the Pieces combines songs from my EP (Out of my Hands) with a bunch of new ones.

I am SO excited for you to hear it.

Music is my passion and my friend. It brings out the honest part of me and I love when it can bring out a vulnerable side of my listeners too. There is so much to learn from this little time on earth and songwriting keeps my eyes wide open. 

Thanks for listening!

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